Blue Frankish Rosé 2019 (dry)

Blue Frankish Rosé - 2019 (dry)

Harvested at an early date, fermented at low temperatures. Taste light strawberries, vibrant, refreshing type of wine.


Located in the hamlet of Gyirmogyarján, Borhy, in 2012. Rows planted in mountain-valley direction. Umbrella mode with 1 spool. Capital load is 1.6 kg. There are three types of soil types perpendicularly to the rows below the plantation - heavy - volcanic - brown fortified soil.

Date of collection: 2019.09.13.

Brix: 19.0°

Acid: 6.8 g/l


I kept it for three hours and pressed it. It is fermented at 12 degrees Celsius. After fermentation, filtered and then bottled.