Yellow Muscat 2018 (with residual sugar)

Yellow Muscat - 2018 (with residual sugar)

Typical yellow tusks, The peach is intensely present in its scent and taste. Round complex wine.


Located in the hamlet of Gyirmogyarján, Borhy, in 2012. Rows planted in mountain-valley direction. Umbrella mode with 1 spool. Capital load of 1-1.2 kg. There are three types of soil types perpendicularly to the rows below the plantation - heavy - volcanic - brown fortified soil.

Date of collection: 2018.09.17.

Brix: 20.0°

Acid: 5.9 g/l


I covered the shell for about 1.5 hours, pressed it. I sat down a night, pulled it out and cleaned the ink. Fermented at 13 degrees Celsius. The fermentation was stopped and 30 grams of sugar, 6.9 acid, remained in it.