Italian Reisling 2016 (Dry)

Italian Reisling - 2016 (Dry)

With its own yeast, it fermented spontaneously. In addition to the varietal character, it is dominated by aniseed herbal aromas, the taste is dominated by fruity, small almond notes in addition to the salinity (Borhy vineyard).


We installed it in 2012 in the Borhy vineyard in Gyöngyöstarján. Rows planted in mountain valley direction. Umbrella mode with 1 branch. Capital burden is 1.6 kg. There are three types of soil under the plantation, perpendicular to the rows - calcareous - volcanic - brown fortified soil.

Date of collection: 2016.10.13.

Brix: 21.7°

Acid: 7.1 g/l


Berrying was followed by pressing. I settled the must for 18 hours and then stripped it, fermenting at 13 degrees Celsius. After fermentation, it was placed in a new 500 liter barrel for 4 months. The barrel maturation gave the wine a white floral fresh aroma with tiny stew notes. A very rich tight refreshing juice circulated from it.