Blue Frankish 2016 (dry)

Blue Frankish - 2016 (dry)

In a 250-liter barrel, 11 months filled with fine grapefruit, spicy acids, and a pleasant fruity flavor.


Located in the hamlet of Gyirmogyarján, Borhy, in 2012. Rows planted in mountain-valley direction. Umbrella mode with 1 spool. Capital load is 1.6 kg. There are three types of soil types perpendicularly to the rows below the plantation - heavy - volcanic - brown fortified soil.

Date of collection: 2016.10.10.

Brix: 20.0°

Acid: 5.8 g/l


It was fermented on a heap, and was piped to the tub. The last stage of fermentation (last 15 grams of sugar) took place in a 600 liter ace barrel. The malic acid decomposition also took place in these barrels, and then, together with the fine juice, I crossed it into third-quarters loaded barrique barrels, where it rested for 12 months.