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I am Gábor Ludanyi, the owner and winemaker of GoBri winery. I “produce” wine since 2008. I quoted the word produce, because the wine produce itself, I am only able to control, or manage the process to get the best result. Every type of wine are different personality, or different being. If I go down to the cellar, I have to have clear toughts, because the wine feels if there is not the appropriate person with it. The harmony between the winemaker and the wine is very important. I combine the craftmanship with the reductive technology.


Upcoming Events

2017 Jun 24 16:00

Mátra Open - Szent Iván napi Tűzről Pattant Dűlőparty

Kerekes Szőlőbirtok és Pince, Gyöngyöstarján, HUN

2017 Sep 22 16:00

Őszi Borkert

Hotel Danubius Gellért, Budapest, Gellért tér, HUN